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Five Ways to Go Way Out This Winter

1. Hiking

2. Snowshoeing

We find it best to plan ahead when going for a winter hike or snowshoe. We always check the weather before we head out and use our AllTrails app to check trail conditions. Don’t forget your water, hiking poles, mittens and your favourite Go Way Out toque!

HOT TIP: micro-spikes are a must for icy trail conditions. It is always good to keep a pair tucked away in your daypack.

An optional warm beverage (you pick your favourite) is a great on the trail treat or as an end of trail celebratory drink.

3. Skiing or Snowboarding

We have plenty of beautiful mountain slopes to enjoy in our backyard. If you are not sure where to start and you live in and around Calgary, we suggest heading to the link below:

Some skiing and snowboarding must haves are goggles or sunglasses, a buff or scarf, gloves and of course your favourite Go Way Out toque!

HOT TIP: hand warmers/hot paws are a great way to keep your hands warm for those particularly frigid days on the slopes.

4. Skating or Outdoor Shinny

We have some of the best lakes to skate on in Alberta! If you are a resident or are here for a visit check out Curiosity’s 10 gorgeous mountain skating spots you can find in Alberta.

For those looking to go skating a little closer to home, check out your city’s page to see what outdoor rinks are open in your area. For those of you in Calgary, here are a couple links to help you make your choice:


We suggest dressing in layers as it can be quite cold when you arrive. You will warm up quickly once you get skating though so having several layers will be a game changer. 

HOT TIP: not all rinks allow hockey sticks and pucks, make sure to check ahead of time before you head down. 

5. Fat Biking

New to fat biking? So are we. There are plenty of trails in our Alberta parks and the the city. 

We recommend wearing a helmet, gaiters, goggles or sunglasses, pogies and gloves to keep your hands warm. Don’t forget to bring some water and snacks along for the ride.

Here is some great information about fat biking in our Alberta parks.

Below are a couple places you can rent bikes and take some awesome tours. We hope to see you out there.


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